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How the WDCB Jobs & Resumes Board Works

STC logo with logotypeThe Jobs Board for the STC Washington, DC – Baltimore Chapter site has two parts. One for employers and recruiters to post FREE job announcements for the Washington, DC and Baltimore metropolitan areas. One for job seekers to post resumes and search for jobs. STC is a 501(c)(3) educational and charitable organization. This Jobs Board is a benefit for WDCB chapter members and local employers / recruiters. Most job locations will be in The Washington, DC or Baltimore metropolitan areas; some assignments may be at local and remote locations in other areas.

For Employers and Recruiters

Job posters must register / log in under the JOBS BOARD MENU to be able to edit job postings in Preview mode, publish the job, and update the post after the job is approved.

Registered employers may edit their job posts, accept or reject job applications, and view job stats (unique page views, total page views). The employer panel also allows for quick and simple one-click job republishing. If you are not already registered, a registration link will appear at the bottom of the JOBS BOARD MENU in the sidebar when you view the job board or view resumes.

Every registered employer and recruiter may create a unique profile, which contains their company name, location, description, and currently open positions. The profile data is also used to automatically pre-fill the Add Job form, making it easy for employers and recruiters to post future jobs. See the "Post a Job" link in the sidebar under the JOBS BOARD MENU.

Employers and recruiters can get jobs posted quickly by filling in the "Add Job" form. All postings are moderated and approved before going live. Submitters may also add the company's logo to the posting. Image formats may be *.jpg, *.gif, or *.png. Please be sure that the image size is no larger than 300×100 pixels.


  • FREE for 45-day listings
  • FREE for 365-day listings for standing offer / internship announcements
  • $10.00 for 60-day listings – Premium (featured 60 days)
  • $50.00 for 365-day listings – Premium (featured 1 year)

Featured job listings will appear above the free listings in the board. (Pay through PayPal)

Listings are automatically removed from the board when they expire. The expiration date may be extended by request or by putting up a new post.

For Job Seekers

The new Jobs Board allows you to search for jobs by job type, category, and function. You may also subscribe to any or all RSS feeds for a particular job category. (Click the ∇ triangle below the sidebar header "JOBS BOARD FEEDS" to uncollapse the list.)

Job seekers may search for jobs using several methods:

  • The sidebar lists recent jobs announced on the board. (Click the ∇ triangle below the sidebar header "RECENT JOBS POSTED" to uncollapse the list.)
  • Click on the "View Jobs" link under the JOBS BOARD MENU in the sidebar. It will take you to the Jobs Board. Scroll down through the listings. They are in order by date with the most recent posting at the top.
  • Use the SEARCH JOBS box in the sidebar to find particular jobs.
    • Search by job type (full time, part time, contract, freelance, telecommute, intern, volunteer, etc.).
    • Search a category (advertising, marketing, journalism, technical communication, Internet technology, etc.). The full list is below the search box under JOB FEEDS.
    • Search by job function (writer, editor, developer, etc.).
  • Click on the link for Job Type or Category in the table at the top of the job details page. This will bring up a list of all job listings for that topic.

Job seekers may apply for jobs through the board. Applicants can fill in their information and attach required files. The application is sent to the employer and is saved in the Jobs Board database.

Job seekers may sign up for JOB ALERTS. They will receive an email message if an employer posts a job that uses their keyword.

Resumes Board

Job seekers must register / log in under the RESUMES MENU to be able to post and edit your resume.

If you are not already registered, a registration link will appear at the bottom of the RESUMES MENU in the sidebar when you view or browse the resumes.

For Job Seekers

Registered job seekers can create their resumes using the "My Resume" form under the RESUMES MENU and will be able to update it themselves when needed. Only registered or premium employers will have access to the resumes.

The Board administrator reviews and approves user-submitted resumes to make sure employers are not subjected to anything inappropriate.

For Employers and Recruiters

By using our Resumes Board, registered employers will find ideal candidates for their companies. All registered employers may request access to full resumes from candidates they are interested in.

Employers may browse all resumes at once or by category, keyword, location, experience, and education.

At this time, full access to the resumes is free. In the future, we may charge companies for access to full resume details. Payments are made using Paypal. After payment is received, they may receive access for a set number of days.

Last modified: December 23, 2014
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