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STC Employment Resources


Non-STC Employment Resources

Salary Surveys

  • STC Technical Communicator Salary Database (U.S., Canada, India, and Israel)
    To access the database, you'll need to log onto the STC members only section of the Society's website using your STC member ID and password.
  • Changing Careers / Relocation Tools
    • Homefair Relocation Tools and Financial Calculators include the following tools and more:
      • City reports—use to get side-by-side comparison of two cities’ cost of living, climate, demographics, and more.
      • Mortgage Affordability Calculator—use to decide the largest loan amount for which you qualify, based on standard lender rules.
      • Relocation Wizard—use to plan your move with a custom timeline.
      • Salary Calculator—use this to compare the cost of living and find the salary you'll need to move to a new city.
      • School reports—use to get in-depth reports on over 12,000 public schools districts and local child care.
    • Paycheck Calculator use to calculate gross or net pay, as well as tax withholdings on bonus pay.
    • Salary Calculator & Cost-of-Living Reports for International, Canada, & U.S. cities provided by SalaryExpert.com. Get a free salary report by job title and location for most cities world wide.
    • SalaryList.com The Data Resource Group provides salary information by job title, company, or location.
    • Salary Planning and Surveys The Economic Research Institute (ERI) also provides Career salary and cost of living calculators.
    • Social Security Benefit Calculator use to calculate your Social Security retirement benefits using different retirement scenarios. Based on amounts you enter.
    • W-4 Withholding Allowance Calculator use to help calculate proper W-4 withholdings so your employer can withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay.

Other Employment Resources & Career Information

Also look on the Web at the home pages for specific companies you are interested in. Most of them have an employment (jobs, careers) page where you can apply directly to the company.

What Else will Help Me?

  • This site's home page of Job Announcement Feeds RSS feeds from a variety of job announcement feeds.
  • This site's Employment Resources page for leads to local internships, where to look for jobs, STC and non-STC employment resources, and salary surveys.
  • Also look on the Web at the home pages for specific companies you are interested in. Most of them have an employment (jobs, careers) page where you can apply directly to the company.
How do I send you a job announcement?
Send an email message to the Website Team Assistant , Lloyd Thompson-Taylor, at website team assistent with the following information:

  • Company Name and Website.
  • Job Title
  • Job Description
  • Job Type (fill time, half time, telecommute, onsite or offsite contract, etc.)
  • Contract Duration, if any
  • Job Location City, State, Zip-Code,
  • Salary Range
  • Experience Level
  • Security Clearance Needed
  • Job Responsibilities
  • Job Requirements
  • About the Hiring Company (brief info about the company the job is for–not the recruiting agency)
  • How to Apply
  • Apply by Date
  • URL for applying online

If we have questions:

  • Your Contact Name
  • Your Contact Phone Number
  • Your Contact Email
Where can I post my job announcement with the STC society?
Employers and recruiters may review resumes and post jobs on the STC Job Bank. Visit the STC Job Bank page for pricing options and more to take advantage of the experience and skills gained by hiring STC members.
Where can I post my resume?
STC members may post their resumes for free on the STC Job Bank https://careers.stc.org/.
Last modified: August 26, 2018
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